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Terry Turner

DIY Garden Workshop: Worm bins for compost – Nov 30

We have a great opportunity to promote creation care right from our own kitchens! Matthew Cobb is going to lead us in a workshop to build our own vermicomposting troughs for our back porches. (That’s composting with red wriggler worms). If you would like to learn how to create masses of fertilizer for your garden […]

Asbury Project 2017

A free conference uniting STUDENTS and BUSINESS LEADERS, The Asbury Project explores how social entrepreneurship carries out Kingdom-minded initiatives using the business approach. Learn from our featured speakers how to use business to initiate positive social change. The conference features a business plan competition with awards totaling $10,000 in business startup funds, a fashion show […]

Equifax Breach

Most of you are already aware of the massive breach by Equifax. Just in case you are not, below is information regarding the breach as published by The Colony Group. Asbury Seminary is passing this information along to our employees, however, we are not endorsing it, nor taking responsibility for the information. As you may […]

Alert: Asbury Seminary Phone Scam

Dear Asbury Community, We have had reports that a phone hacker is using an Asbury Seminary number (currently using 859-858-2143) to look and act like Asbury Seminary. These callers pose as an Asbury University or Asbury Seminary employee asking for credit card information. If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately and do […]

All Community Meeting Video with Dr. Tennent

All faculty and staff are encouraged to watch the All Community Meeting if you were not able to make it in-person yesterday when Dr. Tennent discussed the results of the May Board of Trustees Meeting. (password is commmeeting)

OFWE Sponsored Conference at Acton University

Are you interested in how your faith, or the faith of those you disciple, ties in with work and economics? We have the class for you! The Office of Faith, Work and Economics invites you to learn how to integrate economics, business, philosophy, theology and intellectual history at Acton University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, June […]

Welcoming Matt Russell – EMT FL

Matthew Russell (Matt) will be joining the Enrollment Management Team as an Enrollment Advisor on the Florida Dunnam Campus. Matt grew up on the east coast, yet spent most his life in central Florida. He attended the University of Florida for his undergraduate degree and then attended Gordon Conwell and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for […]

2017 Garden Welcome and Plot Map

Hi Fellow Gardeners, Iā€™m so happy to have each of you in the garden with us this year. šŸ™‚ Jon Ramsay in Communications designed a great garden map for us, which you will see below, indicating where each person is participating. The Garden Team (Gene Mattox, Emmanuel Jatau, Lindsey Runyan, and Mike Terry) is working […]

Retirement of Dr. Zaida Maldonado Perez

Zaida Maldonado Perez joined the faculty on the FL-Dunnam campus in 2002. She has served with distinction as both a teacher and administrator. She is one of the most popular professors in the School of Urban Ministries. She also has the distinction of serving as the first Dean of the School of Urban Ministries (2010ā€“12). […]