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Equifax Breach

Most of you are already aware of the massive breach by Equifax. Just in case you are not, below is information regarding the breach as published by The Colony Group. Asbury Seminary is passing this information along to our employees, however, we are not endorsing it, nor taking responsibility for the information.

As you may have heard, Equifax, one of 3 large credit reporting agencies in the US, recently reported a security breach of data belonging to over 143 million American consumers. If you would like to see if you were personally affected, please follow this link.

We highly recommend that you follow the above link as soon as possible, and also consider checking (or passing on this email to) friends and family.

Additionally, you will find below a list of common questions and answers that you might find helpful.

Q: What steps should I take now?

Q: What should I do on an ongoing basis to try to protect myself from potential fraud or identity theft?

Q: What additional advice do you have to protect myself?