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DIY Garden Workshop: Worm bins for compost – Nov 30

We have a great opportunity to promote creation care right from our own kitchens! Matthew Cobb is going to lead us in a workshop to build our own vermicomposting troughs for our back porches. (That’s composting with red wriggler worms). If you would like to learn how to create masses of fertilizer for your garden or to donate to our community garden, email to let her know you are interested, and you can join her, Marilyn Elliott, and others to build your own vermicompost trough for your back porch in our hands-on November workshop. Take away your finished piece and start composting the same day!

Date: November 30th at 3 p.m

Contribute $44-$76 toward the expense of the building materials, and we will provide the worms and bedding material for free to get you started (see details below).


Quantity/Cost for Single Trough

Double Trough

Wood for framing: 2x4x8’



4 1/2


Cement Backer Board





Corrugated Steel Roof Panel





Roofing Screws





Galvanized Steel Lag Bolt






Galvanized Nails



Deck Screws




Old rubber hose – used

Composting worms – donated

Bedding – newspapers, leaves, coconut coir, shredded paper, etc.

Cardboard – used