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      These are opportunities that could be used for your first two Mentored Ministry requirements (MM520 and/or MM620).

      Worship Internship:
      An exciting new church in Lexington, KY, called The Gathering Place, is building a fun, vibrant, and gospel-centered worship team. Meeting each Sunday in Cinemark Theaters, this church is focused on reaching people in Central Kentucky who need Jesus! Vocalists and instrumentalists are wanted. You will work with the Lead Pastor as well as the Launch Lead Team and learn to develop skills that prepare you to love and pastor people beyond leading from a worship platform on Sunday morning. Through this experience, you will get to be part of other people’s salvation history! If you are interested, contact Pastor Alex Kinchen at (859-576-6477) for more information.

      Kids Ministry Internship:
      The Gathering Place, a new, exciting church in Lexington, KY, is building a brand-new kids ministry called Kids Place. This ministry is focused on creating environments that are clean, safe, and fun and teach kids (nursery through 5th grade) how much God loves them in Jesus! Interns will work closely with the Kids Place Director and learn skills in team building, family ministry, as well as gospel-focused living. You’ll get to be part of turning the Cinemark Theaters into a place where kids get to experience the grace and love that only God can give. If you are interested, text or call Gretchen Kinchen at 859-576-6476 for more information.

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