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      City on a Hill has exciting and beneficial Internships available this summer. As leaders of ministry and programming we wanted to make you aware of these positions for your youth and young adults. Each year, participants have a truly transformative experience and leave with a better understanding of where God is calling them. Email Debbie Mostad for details about this internship. (

      About City on a Hill

      Located in the heart of Milwaukee – America’s 5th poorest city, where nearly 68,000 children are living in poverty – City on a Hill’s vision is to break the cycle of generational poverty and bring transformation to central city neighborhoods. Through a collaborative and Christ-centered model of service, we are working to restore hope, reduce poverty, strengthen families and foster social justice.

      City on a Hill’s mission is:

      1. To alleviate the symptoms of chronic poverty in their neighborhood;

      2. To equip young people to break the cycle of generational poverty in their families.

      3. To train and engage others in solutions to poverty and injustice in the city.
      Adrian Hernandez
      Operations Coordinator

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