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      Southern Charm Livin’, Rooms to Rent, $350+U or $400+U, Steps from Campus

      Wilmore room for rent, steps from campus. Available asap.

      SOUTHERN LIVING, Steps from Campus, $300+U

      Southern Charm Livin’, Room to Rent, $350+U or $400+U, Steps from Campus

      • Semester-by-Semester Agreement
      • Comfortably-Furnished Room
      • Shared Bath (Two Students Total)
      • Washer + Dryer
      • Kitchen + Dining Room
      • Historic Home
      • Spring Gardens
      • Wireless Internet
      • Grilling + BBQ
      • Clean Living
      • Private Back Yard
      • Asbury Alumni
      • Crary-McPheeters Bldg Across Street
      • Breezy Porch Study in Rocking Chair
      • Common Area Cleaning Included
      • Family Tradition of Asbury Boarders

      International Students Welcomed



      103 N. Lexington Avenue

      Wilmore, KY 40390

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