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      Mentored Ministry 720 Opportunity

      AdventureServe Ministries is accepting applications for Asbury Theological Seminary students seeking a cross-cultural Mentored Ministry Position. The roles and responsibilities are flexible according to the learning goals of the student. AdventureServe Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization based in Wilmore guiding missions, wilderness experiences and retreats which grow faith in action. According to the skills and interest of the candidate, opportunities might include: · Learn about the ministry as it relates to budgets, staffing, fundraising and other aspects of nonprofit leadership. · Guide various programing such as service projects, adventure programming and spiritual retreats. · Connect with partner agencies who engage our volunteers such as homeless shelters, centers for disabilities, food pantries and community gardens. · Participate in staff hiring through interviews and reviewing application materials. · Reach out to churches across the country to share about our mission opportunities through ministry network events and other ongoing conversations. · Assist with program revisions for devotional journals and worship curriculum. · Assist with fundraising events and reviewing fundraising materials. · Assist in the research and writing of grants to like-minded foundations. · Meet regularly with onsite staff and develop relationships with board members, past staff and donors. The position can take place any time throughout the year. Currently spring and fall positions are unpaid. Depending upon the role and time commitment, summer positions may be paid. Schedules can be flexible according to the responsibilities engaged in. There are three full-time staff members competent in supervision, each having over a decade of ministry experience and holding master’s degrees. Benefits include: Within walking distance of campus, vehicle provided for work purposes, office station provided and positive work climate. There will be ongoing supervision and training from directors that intentionally promote vocational and personal growth. AdventureServe Ministries has impacted over 1400 people in the last year through retreats, missions, adventure, high school apprenticeships, higher education internships and community engagement. For more information, contact Andy Bathje, Executive Director 859-858-0410 |

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