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      Rebekah Saunders

      …for the Wilmore Lawnmower Brigade!

      Let’s be honest…this is the highlight of the Festival of the Fourth parade in beautiful downtown Wilmore…and 2021 is our 29th year.

      All you need is a good sense of humor, a little coordination, and a push lawnmower – and the last two “needs” are optional (we can find a few mowers for those who don’t own one).

      Our only two rehearsals are Thursday and Friday, July 1st & 2nd from 8:00‐9:00 pm at Kinlaw Park (Kinlaw Drive in Talbott) It would help if you could make both rehearsals.

      The parade is on Saturday, July 3, at 10:00 am.

      IMPORTANT: Please let us know that you plan to march this year. We really need you. Invite your friends!

      To sign up: click the link: Mower Brigade Sign up.

      If you have questions, please email


      Glen P. Flanigan, Ph.D.

      Coordinator of Instrumental Studies
      Asbury University
      1 Macklem Drive
      Wilmore KY 40390

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