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      I’ve got a bunch of texts to sell (if you’re taking any theology classes with Dr. Wood, there’s some really good deals here)… shoot me an offer and help me unclutter my office.

      Spiritual Life in the Early Church (Bonnie Thurston)

      Theology as History and Hermeneutics (Laurence Wood)

      The Certainty of Faith and the Probabilities of Salvation History (Laurence Wood)

      Pentecost & Sanctification in the Writings of John Wesley & Charles Wesley (Laurence Wood)

      Cross-Cultural Servanthood (Duane Elmer)

      Hearing the New Testament (Joel Green)

      The Art of Helping (Robert Carkhuff)

      Readings in Christian Thought (Hugh Kerr)

      The Heritage of American Methodism (Kenneth Kinghorn)

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