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      September 2019


      New Hires For Position As: Effective Date

      Matt Penny Asbury Institutes Intern 9.3.19

      Luke Heumann Custodian 9.4.19

      Matthew Casada Temporary Director of Training 9.5.19

      Dustin Debord Project Liaison 9.16.19

      Aaron Bubert Asbury Inn Weekend Breakfast Support 9.25.19

      Julie Pittman Site Coordinator/Enrollment Advisor-Memphis 9.27.19


      Departures From Position As: Effective Date

      Emily Miller Part Time Custodian 9.6.19

      Caleb Taylor Digitizing Project Specialist 9.27.19

      Hulian Hram Asbury Inn Weekend Breakfast Support 8.25.19



      Transitions/Promotions/Title Changes:

      Charlie Fiddler Technology Event Specialist 9.16.19

      David Gyertson Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs 9.1.19

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