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      Office of Human Resources Staff Transitions

      May 2019


      New Hires For Position As: Effective Date

      Marissa Snyder Wedding and Events Coordinator 5.1.19

      Samuel Odubena Asbury Inn & Suites Night Auditor 5.2.19

      Joshua Lee Custodian 5.6.19

      Dami Adeliyi Asbury Inn & Suites Night Auditor 5.14.19

      Kasey Lynch Custodian 5.20.19

      Aaron Bubert Lasting Impressions Team Member 5.23.19

      Kathryn Davis Asbury Inn & Suites Housekeeper 5.30.19


      Departures From Position As: Effective Date

      Thiala Stegall Custodian 5.3.19

      Hannah Nganga Asbury Inn Housekeeper 5.5.19

      Michael Bennett Asbury Inn Housekeeper 5.9.19

      Samuel Gonzalez Asbury Inn Housekeeper 5.13.19

      Katy McKee Coordinator of Housing and Student Life 5.14.19

      Tori Heath Coordinator of Worship 5.17.19

      Caylie Mindling Asbury Inn Night Auditor 5.17.19

      Guy Wimberly Custodian 5.17.19

      Bethanne Mostad Community Formation Program Coordinator 5.23.19

      Seth Shipman Asbury Inn & Suites Housekeeper 5.27.19

      Lizette Acosta Director of the Latino Ministry Formation Program 5.31.19

      Haley Weaver Coordinator of Church Planting 5.31.19



      Transitions/Promotions/Title Changes:


      Christina Embree Manager of Formation 5.1.19

      Sarah Neubert Asbury Inn & Suites Support Staff 5.1.19

      Hunter Bethea Coordinator of Worship 5.13.19



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