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      Office of Human Resources Staff Transitions

      June 2019


      New Hires For Position As: Effective Date

      Larissa Ikiangou Asbury Inn & Suites Housekeeper 6.3.19

      Jordan Stanley Asbury Inn & Suites Housekeeper 6.3.19

      Donavan Rhodes Custodian 6.6.19

      Robert Williams Asbury Inn & Suites Housekeeper 6.10.19

      Jinmin Kim Custodian 6.10.19

      Johnathan Howard Network and Systems Engineer 6.17.19



      Departures From Position As: Effective Date

      Tyler Rauhauser Asbury Inn Breakfast Support 6.1.19

      Donghyun Kang Custodian 6.7.19

      Paul Chilcote Professor 6.30.19



      Transitions/Promotions/Title Changes:

      Daniel Jones: Operations Manager and Special Assistant to the Dean of LITS 6.10.19

      William Mansfield: Technology Support Senior Associate 6.17.19



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