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      Office of Human Resources Staff Transitions

      August 2019


      New Hires For Position As: Effective Date

      Dylan Ziegler Coordinator of Church Planting 8.5.19

      Dwight Mutonono Part Time Custodian 8.12.19

      Seth Shipman Asbury Inn Part Time Housekeeper 8.12.19

      Cynthia Talley Online Pastoral Care 8.19.19

      Peter Kang Part Time Custodian 8.19.19

      Austin Rucker Full Time Custodian 8.19.19

      Megan Wethington Coordinator of Pastoral Care and Counseling 8.21.19

      Keith Cooper Chapel Administrative Assistant 8.21.19

      Natasha Clements Technology Support Associate 8.21.19

      Jennifer Miller Manager of Beeson School of Practical Theology 8.23.19

      Rachel Smith Asbury Institutes Intern 8.26.19

      Rachael Hayes Associate Director of Financial Aid 8.28.19


      Departures From Position As: Effective Date

      Donovan Rhodes Part Time Custodian 8.13.19

      Ben Clark Full Time Custodian 8.9.19

      Rebecca Mitchem Human Resources Administrative Assistant 8.9.19

      Jinmin Kim Part Time Custodian 8.16.19

      SK Lee Part Time Custodian 8.16.19

      Jenny Newman Associate Director of Financial Aid 8.20.19

      Virginia Proctor Manager of Asbury Institutes 8.30.19



      Transitions/Promotions/Title Changes:

      Debbie Mostad Coordinator of Mentored Ministry 8.9.19



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