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      Office of Human Resources Staff Transitions January 2019


      New Hires For Position As: Effective Date

      Haylee Easterwood Student Account Manager and Cashier 1.02.19

      Sadie Sasser Asbury Inn Night Auditor 1.07.19

      Joy Singh Asbury Inn Housekeeper 1.20.19

      Tyler Rahauser Asbury Inn Breakfast Support 1.25.19


      Departures From Position As: Effective Date

      Leo Castro Asbury Inn Night Auditor 1.13.19

      Luke Heumann Asbury Inn Breakfast Support 1.4.18

      Thomas Hickey Instructional Design and Technology Support 1.25.19


      Transitions/Promotions/Title Changes

      Variee Vanlaningham Accounts Payable 1.02.19


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