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      Robert Hale


      Low cost does not necessarily mean low quality and neither does high cost mean high quality. Instead, we believe in the ministry and promise of the education you gain from your studies at Asbury as well as the future promise of fruit that will be a result of your hard work. Therefore, it is our privilege to provide a setting for you that is peaceful, relaxing, easily accessible, and refreshing. Located just one mile from the campus in the quiet country, you can unplug and recover. We’ve had students who were taking Hebrew in the short summer session while others came for short weekends several times in a semester. We love having students come. So, check us out. Below is a link to our website, complete with a few pictures that will give you a sense of the space we are providing. This is our opportunity to give respite to you and to provide a viable means of meeting your housing needs.

      Private entrance, clean space, and a feeling of “home away from home.” Sitting room, satellite TV, WiFi, refrigerator, microwave, and many other amenities make this a great place to relax after class. The cost is just $45 per night for single occupancy.

      If you are interested, please send an email to me at

      In Him,
      R. Dale Hale
      Affiliate Faculty
      Asbury Theological Seminary

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      Looking for a room for intensive this week 6th & 7th. I emailed but did not get a reply.

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