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      Lauren West

      North Maple resident looking for a female roommate that is an Asbury student.Three BR, 2 Baths, Washer/Dryer, Full Kitchen inc. dishwasher, TV

      My townhouse is already furnished, and I can even provide you a full-size bed with Posturepedic mattress, but you will need to provide any other bedroom furniture you may need.
      Rent is $330 plus utilities/internet.
      Please message me or contact 706-577-8730 with any inquiries, thanks.

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      Hey Lauren,

      I am a Seminary student at Asbury. I live out of state and am traveling to Asbury next week for classes. I was wondering, if you don’t have a roommate, if I could stay with you. I’d be willing to pay 150$ to stay Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night leaving early Saturday morning. If this would be acceptable to you please let me know.

      I hope you have a great afternoon.

      Sincerely and God Bless,

      Karissa Whitcomb-Tavey

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      Lauren West

      Hi Karissa,

      Thank you for the offer, but this is not something I am able to do right now.



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