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      Lawson Stone

      The Old Testament Department would like to enlist the aid of the whole ATS community in finding a lost treasure! Those of us who studied here in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s remember fondly a large relief-map of the Holy Land that typically lived in the classrooms of the Administration building. It first belonged to Dr. G. Herbert Livingston (of Archaeology Lab fame!). It was still here just 6 or 7 years ago, floating around classrooms in the McPheeters building.

      Now the mystery strikes. Sometime a few years back, this beloved old map, this treasured piece of ATS memorabilia, this homely but effective teaching aid, VANISHED. One day we all looked around and it was just…gone. I have a feeling it probably got moved to a storage room somewhere, and still resides there, awaiting discovery!

      This map was a plastic moulded relief map in a wooden (or wooden-looking) frame. It was a good 4 feet tall (maybe taller) and the colors might have been enhanced by some hand-painting. It shows its age, to be sure. The OT Department would really love to see that map back in use, carrying on the tradition of teaching here at ATS.

      Would you keep an eye open for this map? It might be in plain sight. Or it might be in a storage room, or a closet. If you work in maintenance, maybe you could check in the various closets and spaces open to you. Somewhere, we think this map is still around. It just needs to be found and rescued!

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