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      AdventureServe Ministries, located here in Wilmore, is looking for spring and summer interns. AdventureServe Ministries runs adventure mission trips for church groups. We work with youth groups, college groups, and other church groups to facilitate 3-day to week-long missions trips here in central Kentucky. We work alongside non-profits and other social agencies to help meet their needs by supplying them with volunteers. We also do creation care service work such as river clean ups and home repair work to low income families. We write our own devotional curriculum, create worship resources, create well balanced nutritional menus for our groups, and facilitate group growth through team building activities and other facilitation programming. We as a ministry do a variety of things so if you are interested but do not think it could fit your degree, please contact me and let’s talk together about how that may be possible.
      Jenna Brock
      Program Director

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