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      Kimberly Sowers

      TITLE POST: Pilgrimage Course in Britain – Summer 2020

      COURSE NAME: SF644 / CS644 ‘Pilgrimage: Formation and Morality (3 Credit Hours) — Wales and England: May 2020

      INFORMATIONAL MEETING: Cordelia-Thomas 5 DEC 2019 (video will be made for those taking classes on campus other than WIlmore)

      COURSE: Cross-listed class ‘Pilgrimage: Formation and Morality” (SF644 / CS644 [3 Credit Hours])

      ADDITIONAL COURSE OPTIONS: Students MUST enroll in ‘Pilgrimage’, but may also sign-up for either CH605 ‘U. Meth. History & Polity’ OR CS645/ TH625 ‘Theological Aesthetics’ — either of these to be completed as hybrids through Summer.

      Tuition (scholarships likely allowable),
      Flight to Manchester & back from London (scholarships likely not allowable — depends on source; actual costs depends on city of flight origin) )
      In-country touring, admissions, housing, some meals (scholarships likely not allowable — depends on source)

      IF INTERESTED CONTACT KIM SOWERS FOR DRAFT ITINERARY — this is only a draft — a very complete daft — but still a draft.

      PROFESSOR: James R. Thobaben, Ph.D., M.Div., M.P.H.

      Office Phone: 859-858-2369



      Office Phone: 859-858-2194

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