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      Nontraditional Mentored Ministry opportunity for one semester, either MM520 or MM620: Alum Ellen Martin with A Life Shared, seeks a mentored ministry student interested in personal growth and practical opportunities to empower, equip, and encourage others. This is for the student interested in integration of seminary training and daily life that nurtures faith formation in intentional, practical ways for those A Life Shared serves. Mentored ministry student would support weekly podcast and workshops. Podcast support would include: guest communication prior to interviews and strategic planning of interviews. Workshop support would include: assessment of existing workshops and involvement in new workshop development . In addition, student would learn the workings of a small business that supports church ministry through weekly administrative tasks. Student formation and skill development would be actively supported through mini life coaching sessions and weekly one hour reflection on mentored ministry experience. For more information contact Ellen Martin at 859.806.7447.

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