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      How about an enlivening and incredibly subtle ministry context to explore your gifts for ministry (maybe discover new ones from the Holy Spirit) and to clarify exactly how God is calling you to live out your vocation? Could you imagine doing that in North Georgia (1 hour Atlanta & 40 minutes from the Appalachian Trail, with rivers galore)? At Lanier Village Estates, a continuing care retirement community, of 640 residents and 300 staff you could put your own spin on teaching, prayer ministries, preaching, crisis and ordinary pastoral care, hospital visitation, support groups, and being human with human beings who live with dementia. Oh, and throw in the occasional gardening or ping pong match. Let’s dream together. Ministry here will bring the best out of you and offer plenty of opportunity for shadow work as you engage with highly educated, extensively traveled, driven and accomplished people formerly in business, government, science, the arts, medicine, and military who increasingly face the limits of aging physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are fascinated by the human encounter and Living in Christ then consider having a conversation with me and let’s discern together.



      H.W. “Duke” Walker, D.Min. (ATS Alum, 2003)

      Chaplain—Lanier Village Estates

      Gainesville, GA


      Cell Phone: 336.309.1776

      Duke Walker is already an approved mentor.

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