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      Musical Ministry Internship in the Memphis area for students looking for a Mentored Ministry site and hours. Read this:

      I pastor a small church on the Southaven/Olive Branch border just south of Memphis. We are an independent member of the Congregational Methodist Church based out of Florence, MS. Although we are not part of the United Methodist denomination, ours began in the mid-1800’s as a conservative, evangelical, and holiness-based church on the adopted tenets of John Wesley and original Methodism.

      We are growing quite rapidly, but when we lost our previous pastor, we also lost our music leader (his wife) due to a relocation. Worship is an important element of our church and I am looking for ideas as to how to improve this portion of our Sunday service and special programs.

      In His Service,
      Rev. Jim Hancock, pastor
      Trinity Church – Olive Branch, MS
      662-523-6121 (cell/text)

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