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      Michael Bennett

      Counseling students, faculty, & professionals:
      I am planning to attend the Kentucky Counseling Association’s November 13-15 conference in Louisville. The theme is Celebrating Human Resiliency.

      I am considering submitting a breakout session proposal on “Spirituality as a Necessary Component for Abuse Survivors’ Resiliency and Recovery,” and presenting on evidence-based methods (researched, not to be created as a study) that reflect multicultural competencies.

      I’ve not attended KCA’s conference before, so I was hoping that someone who has attended would be interested in presenting on this topic together, or as a panel, or even any counseling student, faculty, or outside professional who is interested would be great too!

      I do already have a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, so I meet the requirements for the primary presenter role. However, I would love someone with more experience to be part of this process (but I’m also happy to fumble along if needed, lol).

      Proposals are due July 15th (I know, kind of last minute, but it’s only a proposal, so…🤷‍♂️). If you are interested, message me or email at Also, if someone cannot attend but can share tips, that would be great too!

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