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      Elizabeth Kluender

      I live in an attic apartment in Wilmore and I am in the process of moving to Nicholasville. It’s a studio apartment but I cannot get all the things down the stairs by myself. There’s 2 bookshelves, a chair, a twin bed, and some various tubs and totes.

      I will rent a U-Haul and drive it to my new place. If you could help me move the stuff into the living room, that would be greatly appreciated as well. There’s not nearly as many stairs at the new place. It should not take too long and I’m willing to pay $50 for anyone willing to help. I know it isn’t a ton of money, but I will forever owe you gratitude for helping me.

      I’m hoping to move somewhere between July 22nd and 31st based on your availability.

      If you can help me out, text 228.239.4900 or email

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