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      Are you looking for a church to complete your MM520 and MM620 Mentored Ministry classes? Consider this church plant:
      Name: The Crossing Christian Fellowship
      Address: 480 Curry Ave. Lexington, KY 40508
      Building phone: 859-303-8222 (leave message)
      Pastor: David Redish (ATS alum)
      Church meeting time: Wednesday 7 pm
      Web site:
      A member church of:
      Our purpose is to help you find yours in Jesus Christ.
      We are creating a welcoming and outreaching Christian environment to connect with people, especially university students, who are in need of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Our efforts are evolving and now include a coffee cafe, social media presence, recreation and study areas, a church evening and outreach events. All our efforts are to influence for Christ and raise up a new generation of disciples to expand and carry forward the mission of the God’s Kingdom.

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