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      Robert Hale

      Golf clubs and golf bags for sale.

      Perhaps you just threw yours into the pond and now regret it. Perhaps you’re just wanting to start golf. Maybe, you’re wanting to upgrade what you have with a new bag or perhaps some new clubs. Here’s your opportunity.

      Clubs and Bags

      Two golf bags, each with a hood that covers the clubs. I’m not familiar with these brands but they seem to be really nice bags. One is a Joannes and the other is a K.

      I also have some clubs that are for sale.
      Golf clubs:
      Stillwood 10°, five, Wilson Three wood, Adams 16° (left)
      2 Nine irons, 7-iron, 2 six irons, eight iron, four iron, three putters, one left-hand putter.

      Some are left hand.

      I’m selling the bags at $30 each and the clubs are selling from $10 to $50. If you’re interested, send an email to I can send individual pictures if you would like.

      Dale Hale

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