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      Elizabeth Gillock

      Hello! I have a Garmin vivoactive 3 (black band with silver face) for sale. It is in perfect working order and has served me SO WELL while I trained for a half marathon, but I am upgrading to one that stores music. As I have absolutely no use for 2 GPS watches, I am parting ways with my lovely 3.

      It has:

      Accurate GPS that does not require a cellphone.

      Guided workouts.

      Counts your steps if that’s your thing.

      Heart rate monitor.

      Hounds you to “move” every hour.

      Has the ability to track hydration, sleep patterns, calories, as well as other, gender specific things.

      Asking $90. Text 901.268.8919 if interested.

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      Wondering if you still have the Garmin vivoactive 3 and what is your final offer

      Larry Rodgers

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