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      Jill Snyder

      Hello fellow students,

      I want to share an amazing opportunity to share Christ with a student from another culture. My family and I have had amazing experience this year hosting a student from Italy – where religion is simply a required school course. Our student has been able to experience Christianity as a way of life and personal belief system through us. All that is required from you is a space, a heart for mission, and food for dinner and weekends. *kids eat free breakfast and lunch in Jessamine County Schools. You are also eligible for a $50 per month tax deduction. Here is a message from our local directors

      We are looking for host families in Wilmore that would be willing to host an exchange student for the next school year 2023/24. The students are fully screened, have their own spending money and insurance. They are from Europe and Asia and stay for the school year.  The host family provides them a home and an American experience that will never be forgotten. Please contact us, Ron or Karen Stanfield, if you are interested in this incredible opportunity of learning about another culture while sharing your own. Email us at Help make a young person’s dream of America come true.


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