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      Michael Hammond

      Our congregation is interested in potentially sending Bibles to a pastor I do not know well in Mosari Kenya. We thought it would be good to purchase and send them through Kenya Bible Society since there are fewer requirements for us administratively, since it is cheaper and since we do not know much about the pastor or the area he says he is in (Mosari). If you have worked with Kenya Bible Society, and/or have suggestions I would love to talk briefly with you. You can contact me at

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      I worked with a ministry that purchased Bibles from Kenya Bible Society and went with them to Nairobi to pick up the Bibles. However, this was years ago. It was a good experience and the Swahili and Maasai Bibles were beautifully bound and packaged well. I believe one reason they travelled themselves to Nairobi to pick them up was because it was cheaper that way and they were able to count the Bibles, but obviously that takes resources and a reliable vehicle to do so. I don’t know where Mosari Kenya is though?

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