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      We have a 2011 Nissan Altima S for sale. This is a great first time car or vehicle for a young family. My wife and I are selling it because we just bought a larger vehicle that more readily fits our outdoor lifestyle. We just had Goodyear all-weather tires put on it about 8k miles ago and the headlight bulbs and brakes are also new. This vehicle has had regular oil changes at 5k miles with Mobil 1 high mileage synthetic. This car has 203738 miles on it but we believe that the odometer is fast (we think the real mileage of the vehicle is significantly less). Some of the Nissan models have an incorrect odometer reading where it would be reading miles anywhere from 3-5% faster than normal, although I have not confirmed this vehicle is affected. There is currently one code on the computer and I had it checked at the Nissan dealership; it is simply an O2 sensor near the exhaust. The air conditioning, radio, and power windows all work well and the cloth interior is in good shape. We welcome you to test drive it, just set up a time with us to do so. We are asking $4200.

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