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Exciting Employment / Mentorship Opportunity

Rev. Myke Merrill will be on campus on Tuesday, February 13, to meet with students and interview them for the position of Co-Lead Pastor at Parma Christian Fellowship Church, an independent, Wesleyan-oriented congregation in Hilton, NY. This position has been created with the intent of the candidate receiving training and mentoring alongside the founding Lead Pastor (Rev. Merrill) as he begins the transition of assuming other roles in the church and eventually retiring, at which time the Co-Lead Pastor will transition into the position of Lead Pastor. Rev. Merrill is strategically seeking a candidate for this position from among our own solid student body here at Asbury in order to find the best of the best. He is willing to journey with an ideal candidate who may still have some schooling ahead. No matter where you are in your studies, if you are a developing leader with strong spiritual formation and congregational care skills, this may be the job for you! Schedule some time to interview with Rev. Merrill by selecting a time slot here – INTERVIEW SIGN UP FORM. Additional information and job application form posted on the Connect Forum Jobs Board.