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Minister of Missions and Discipleship

Website Trinity on the Hill Global Methodist Church


Primary Responsibility: To promote the first part of Trinity’s mission statement “To Know Christ …” This is to be done by:

  • Teaching, promoting, and growing Bible study an relationship opportunities for leaders & members of the congregation & community;
  • Resourcing adult Sunday School classes and adding classes when necessary;
  • Recruiting and training leaders for Sunday School and Bible Studies;
  • Overseeing the Forming of Trinity Tribes, Trinity’s geographically-based “Class Meetings”;
  • Utilizing various multi-media resources and equipping leaders to use these tools as a way to promote individual and group study options, i.e. RightNowMedia & YouVersion resources;
  • Providing oversight and support for the laity-led Discipleship Council, including oversight of the discipleship budget;
  • Developing new short-term educational/community opportunities at least twice a year, offering a variety of topics to reach people at all levels of spiritual development at Trinity and in the community;
  • Serving alongside other Trinity ministry staff in developing curriculum that is multi-generational and strengthens individuals and families;
  • Maintaining up-to-date resources for the Trinity library and resource center.


Primary Responsibility: To promote the second part of Trinity’s mission statement “… and To Make Christ Known.” This is to be done by:

  • Providing oversight and support for the laity-led Missions Leadership Team made up of those who coordinate missions at the local and global levels;
  • Advancing opportunities for TOTH members to serve with our mission partners by providing ways to increase participation in mission projects;
  • Serving alongside Trinity ministry staff in developing a wide variety of mission opportunities for all ages;
  • Participating in mission projects locally and on teams nationally and internationally to promote sustainable relationships between mission partners and Trinity team members;
  • Leading the annual Trinity Missions Celebration to raise awareness of mission opportunities and grow the Missions budget through Faith Pledges;
  • Supervising the lay leadership in faithfully distributing funds from the Missions Faith Pledges in support of the Missions budget throughout the year;
  • Coordinating staff support for transient needs through the Trinity Missions Compassion ministry;
  • Communicating up-to-date information between the mission partners and the Trinity congregation.

Skills and Abilities Required

In order to be effective in the above referenced responsibilities, this staff person is expected to:

  • Be organized and multi-task oriented;
  • Be responsible for financial oversight of ministry area budgets;
  • Maintain personal international travel documents, i.e. passport;
  • Be a team player with other members of the church ministry staff team;
  • Work well with volunteers;
  • Continue learning new models for mobilizing laity in discipleship and outreach opportunities;
  • Represent excellence in Christian witness when working with other organizations in the community;
  • Write articles and reports important for ongoing communication with the congregation and staff;
  • Attend worship and church-wide meetings in support of Trinity’s mission;
  • Supervise administrative staff persons who may be assigned to their ministry areas in a way that
    promotes growth and collegial support.


Christian witness in word and deed is critically important as reflected by this staff person in:

  • Public presence in worship and small group settings;
  • Personal commitment to prayer, study, worship, tithing, service, witness;
  • Representation of clear understanding and practice of Wesleyan theology;
  • Commitment to the mission of Trinity on the Hill GMC to “Know Christ and to Make Christ Known”;
  • A vigorous work ethic seeking excellence in service within the Trinity staff, congregation, and
  • Respect for authority and policies set forth by Trinity Church Council’s leadership and Senior Pastor.

For more information:

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