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Lakeside Campus Pastor / Youth Pastor

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The Lakeside Campus and Youth Director / Associate Pastor is a full-time staff position at Lyman Methodist Church.  The Director / Associate Pastor is responsible for providing leadership of the Lakeside Campus at Lyman Lake and for overseeing the youth ministry of Lyman Methodist Church.

Lakeside Campus at Lyman Lake

The Lyman Lake Service has existed for over half a century.  Designed originally as a summer outreach to seasonal vacationers, the Lake Service transitioned in 2023 to a year-round worship service as a second campus of Lyman Methodist Church. The Lake Service will be an extension of the main campus in terms of mission, vision, and identity, yet will develop community and ministries unique to its specific location. 

The Director / Associate Pastor will perform pastoral duties including but not limited to preaching, teaching, pastoral care, administration of the sacraments (if ordained), missions and service, and providing order in the life of the church.  The associate will be a general associate of the church with specific responsibility for the Lyman Lake Service and the Youth Ministry. The duties of the Lakeside Campus are approximately 50% of this position.

Youth Ministry at Lyman Methodist Church

The mission of the Youth Ministry of Lyman Methodist Church is to love, nurture, inspire, and equip our youth to be faithful, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ who reach out to the community and beyond.

The Director / Associate Pastor will develop a ministry that seeks to help every 6th through 12th grader connected to the church make steps toward a deeper maturity in Christ. The Youth Director will develop a ministry program in keeping with the values of the Global Methodist Church, Lyman Methodist Church, and the mission of the Youth Ministry of LMC. 

General Expectations

1.       Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2.       Support and teach the doctrines and values of the Global Methodist Church.
3.       Have a positive and caring attitude, excellent people skills, and high integrity.
4.       Be ordained or in the pursuit of ministerial credentials.


1.       Lakeside Preaching

o   Coordinate the Lakeside Campus preaching schedule & topics with the senior pastor
o   Participate in group sermon writing / research
o   Serve as the primary preacher at the Lakeside Campus
o   Preach on rotation at the Downtown Campus
o   Incorporate lay leadership into the preaching schedule at the Lakeside Campus

2.       Lakeside Teaching

o   Help coordinate a Sunday school / small group ministry for the Lakeside Campus

3.       Lakeside Pastoral Care

o   Provide pastoral care for the Lakeside Campus
o   Communicate with the senior pastor regarding pastoral care needs that require additional attention
o   Participate as a general pastoral presence for the larger Lyman Methodist community

4.       Lakeside Sacraments

o   Administer Holy Communion at the Lake on a monthly basis
o   Perform Baptisms as appropriate
o   *Administration of the sacraments will be dependent on sacramental authority from our denominational body. If not ordained, seek support from an ordained elder in the GMC.

5.       Lakeside Outreach, Missions & Service

o   Ensure the Lakeside Campus is represented on LMC’s Outreach Committee
o   Ensure that the Lakeside Campus has opportunities to regularly participate in missions and service, spanning the range of local, domestic, and international
o   Ensure that the Lakeside Campus offers special outreach events unique to its community, advertising, recruitment, etc.

6.       Lakeside Order

o   The Director / Associate Pastor will provide oversight to committees and decision-making related to the Lakeside Campus.
o   The Director / Associate Pastor will coordinate with the senior pastor on leadership matters beyond the Lakeside Campus.

7.       Youth Program

o   Plan and coordinate regular weekly programs and activities that engage a growing number of Junior High and Senior High students.
o   Organize a minimum of two youth retreats per year.
o   Organize at least one major service / mission trip per year
o   Participate in GMC of SC youth events annually
o   Recruit and train a team of adult volunteers to create an engaging and creative youth ministry.

8.       Youth Relationships

o   Be visible at student events during the school calendar year. Invite volunteer leaders to join in these events.
o   Build personal and mentor relationships with youth.
o   Know the parents of youth, their family situations, and the needs of the youth.

9.       Youth Communication & Admin

o   Communicate with parents both in writing and in-person to welcome concerns or suggestions.
o   Ensure that youth events and announcements are properly communicated through youth and church communication channels
o   Prepare an annual budget with Finance Committee leadership. Include expected income as well as expenses and operate within that budget.

10.   General Expectations

o   General pastoral support at Lyman Methodist
o   Maintain appropriate educational and credentialing standards for the Global Methodist Church
o   Participate in weekly staff meetings
o   Implement and abide by the Ministry Safe policy of Lyman Methodist Church 
o   Other duties as assigned


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