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Youth Pastor

Website First Evangelical Church, Arcadia

First Evangelical Church, Arcadia: Youth Pastor (part-time)
Chinese church in the North San Gabriel area of Southern California is looking to call a part-time Youth Pastor. Knowledge and understanding of the Asian-American youth culture and struggles are essential.


* M. A. in a seminary or equivalent;
* Proficient in English and understanding of the Asian-American culture;
* Ability to work with parents of the youth, who may be overseas-born Asians;
* Good team player and able to work with church leadership team;
* Good organization, communication, relational and counseling skills;
* Creative and a pioneering spirit.

 Job Description:

1. Teaching:
* Preach regularly in the youth service;
* Prepare curriculum for youth Sunday school;
* Be current on the relevant issues of the day to teach Biblical values;

2. Pastor and Counsel:
* Pastor the youth group ranging from 6th grade through high school;
* Work closely with parents to help guide the spiritual growth of their youths;
* Home visitations and crisis counseling;
* Help in transitioning the youth into the young adult group;

3. Leadership Development:
* Identify and disciple youth leaders to help in planning youth programs;
* Create a parent advisory team to help in strategic planning, future direction and programs;

4. Administration:
* Organize and lead a weekly youth Sunday worship service;
* Organize Friday night fellowship, youth Sunday school, outreach, discipleship, counseling, and other youth activities (e.g. retreat);
* Work on tasks assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Interested applicants please send resume to Successful applicant will receive various employment benefits including vacation, holiday pay, health and dental insurance, retirement plan, etc.

To apply for this job email your details to