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Pastoral Resident

Website Christ the King Anglican Church

Christ the King Anglican Church in Alexandria, Virginia, is seeking a seminary student to join our Pastoral Residency program. The CTK Pastoral Residency Program exists to train and equip men and women for a lifetime of pastoral ministry. Through corporate discernment, seminary training, hands on experience, and practical instruction, Residents will be equipped to serve Christ’s church in long-term pastoral leadership. Each Resident will work 20-30 hours per week at the church, allowing time for continuing seminary education (tuition covered by the program). Residents will experience a broad range of pastoral and leadership responsibilities while receiving training, mentoring, and feedback. Residents will discern their call to ordained Anglican ministry in cooperation with the parish and diocese. The Residency will last three years. At the end of three years, Residents will be both ordainable and employable, ready to pursue a path toward senior church leadership.

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