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Campus Minister | Oviedo City Church Partnership | Serving University of Central Florida

Website CCO | Coalition for Christian Outreach

Transforming college students to transform the world.

Catalyze Kingdom transformation at University of Central Florida by sharing the Gospel, inviting students into the life of the local church, and mobilizing the Christian community and churches to engage ministry on campus. Develop deep collaboration between church/community members and students that promotes strong biblical discipleship, life long
commitment to the Church, and the flourishing of Christ’s kingdom in their local context and all areas of life.

Campus Engagement
● Create and routinely revise a ministry plan according to the CCO’s Annual Ministry Plan and Campus Playbook.
● Ensure a consistent and visible presence of the CCO and Oviedo City Church on campus and in meeting with students through regular participation in University of Central Florida’s activities.
● Collect and maintain student contact information, following up with & inviting students into ministry opportunities.
● Plan and facilitate gatherings of students on campus throughout the week that include prayer, teaching, evangelism, leadership development, and applying Scripture to life in college and beyond.
● Invite students regularly to church gatherings, CCO’s Jubilee conference and other transformative opportunities.
● Establish a healthy relationship with the university that honors University of Central Florida guidelines for outside organizations and promotes sustainable campus access for the CCO in collaboration with other CCO staff on campus.

Church Integration
● Effectively and consistently communicate the vision and progress of college ministry within the church.
● Connect students into discipleship opportunities and relationships within the church body.
● Invite and equip congregants to provide hospitality, mentorship, and discipleship of college students with the aim of sending them out as leaders in their spheres of influence.
● Support the overarching goals and efforts of the entire church by being an active part of the staff team and maintaining a servant-leadership mentality in all aspects of ministry.

● Provide leadership for OCC weekly college ministry gatherings and events.
● Recruit church families to host students for meals in their homes.

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