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Wesley House Society at Asbury Seminary

The Wesley House Society is a unique initiative of Asbury Seminary in which students experience a life of community, means of grace, and spiritual accountability in an academic setting.

The Wesley House Society is a lab, or practicum, for spiritual formation. It involves both the development of formational practices as well as historical and theological knowledge that students may contextualize for their future lives and ministries. A student’s commitment is for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Two courses comprise the academic aspects of the Wesley House Society. In the fall semester, students will take SF630, “Wesleyan Tradition and Spiritual Formation.” In the spring semester, they will take SF650, “Tutorial: Wesley House Society: Christian Formation in Covenant” (Students enroll in other courses in their degree program as usual).

Formative experiences include:

Registration for the academic courses and the Wesley House Society is by application. For information or for an application form, please contact Dr. Mike Voigts at