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One Seat Available in MM720 Mentored Ministry Travel Course to Romania, January 4-13

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Each day will open with group devotions, early morning prayer and preparation for the
experience that is about to unfold. The day closes with group gatherings for reflection and a time
to debrief. Each student would also be required to keep a daily journal that includes reminders
about the experience and images of seeing God in action. The evening sessions will also focus
on case study style conversations related to individual or group common experience. The focus
would be on cross-cultural sensitivity, personal spiritual formation, and the ability to reflect
personally and theologically on dynamic experiences.

In addition, we will have direct input, instruction, and insight from the following English-
speaking academic and pastoral leaders in Romania:

Dr. Romica Iuga, PhD University of Bucharest: Dissertation ~ The Missionary Dynamics of
The Contemporary Romanian Baptist Church. Affiliate member of the Faculty of the Baptist
Theological Seminary in Bucharest teaching in the area of Missiology.
Dr. Ovi Dragan, DMin Asbury Theological Seminary: Dissertation ~ Biblical Preaching
Dr. Sorin Ignat, DMin Asbury Theological Seminary: Dissertation ~ Ministry Involvement: A
Means of Retaining the Youth of Curtici Baptist Church
Dr. Narcis Vlasi, DMin Asbury Theological Seminary Dissertation ~ Leadership in Restrictive
Contexts: Focusing On Training Transfer Concepts as Seen in Organizational Development of
Christian Humanitarian Organizations
Total approximate cost per person ~ $2000-$2500.