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Thrive with Asbury Seminary Podcast with Tracy Balzer

Today on the Thrive with Asbury Seminary podcast, I had the real joy of talking to Tracy Balzer. Tracy is an author, speaker and guide. She’s written Thin Places, A Listening Life, and Permission to Ponder, and releasing this June A Journey of Sea and Stone. It’s available for pre-order now, so if you’d like, go ahead and order a copy from your favorite book store. In addition to all of that, Tracy is the director of Christian formation at John Brown University and serves as a spiritual director. She describes her calling as a calling to listen to God and people to God and people, using the tool of spiritual direction. In today’s conversation we talk, of course, about spiritual direction—what that is, its role in our lives and some ways that we can use that even if there isn’t a physical person that we can talk to. She recommends some great resources that we’ll link to in the show notes. So without further ado, let’s listen!