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Thrive with Asbury Seminary Podcast: Rev. Khristi Lauren Adams

This week Rev. Khristi Lauren Adams joined the podcast. She is a speaker, author, youth advocate and ordained Baptist minister. She authored Parable of the Brown Girl that released in February 2020. The book highlights the cultural and spiritual truths that emerge from the lives of young black girls. Parable of the Brown Girl has received awards for Best Young Adult Book from The African American Literary Awards and the New York Black Librarians Caucus. In March of 2022, her next book Unbossed: How Black Girls Are Leading the Way releases. She also works as Dean of Spiritual Life & Equity at the Hill School and is an instructor of religious studies at the Hill School. Khristi is a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Advertising and a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary where she obtained a Master of Divinity degree.

In this conversation we talk about her calling, her faith journey, what being an advocate means to her, and, of course, her new book Unbossed: How Black Girls Are Leading the Way. You can go ahead and pre-order a copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold, but in the meantime, let’s listen!