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Thinklings Events at The Drinklings Roastery, Wilmore

The Drinklings Roastery presents Thinklings Events throughout September. We’ve highlighted a few below. For a complete listing of events, check out this flyer.

Sept. 12 – Matt Sleeth (Founder of Blessed Earth) is doing a forum on ‘What Trees Teach Us: A Conversation on Creation Care” from 6.30 – 7.30

Sept. 13 – Wilmore “Street Worship” hosted by GCF

Sept. 17 – Medine Keener and Jacob Guot “The Refugee Crisis” – 6.30 – 8.00 (both Jacob and Medine were refugees and so are going to talk about it from that perspective).

Sept. 25 – (CLOSED EVENT) – Abortion and the Pro-life Conversation (w/ James Thobaben, Dan Lewis, and staff from Assurance Crisis Pregnancy Center)