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Spouse Auditor Opportunity

The 2018 Fall Semester is about to start, and we want to make sure you and your spouse know about our special spouse auditor opportunity. At Asbury, we know that the entire family goes into ministry, not just the person graduating from seminary. If your spouse does not have the time or the desire to complete a degree, they may want to consider auditing courses.

What does it mean to audit a course? Auditing a class allows the person to share your experience of learning from our world-class faculty without the pressure of course requirements or grades.

This is a free benefit, so I hope your spouse considers joining us this fall by auditing an on-campus course (online classes are not available for auditors). The process is as simple as filling out a non-student auditor form (attached). There is no application, no admission requirements, and no tuition charges. Simply complete the attached form and return it to our office at this email address.

Download Auditor Application

Office of the Registrar