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Se Levanta Thanksgiving Mercy Project – Final Week!!

This is the final week to collect funds for helping our Puerto Rican friends and community members. All money collected will be used to send medical, sanitation, and survival supplies to those in need. We are partnering directly with a church and school who have identified the needs of a particular community and are working hard to care for the people there. Even if only a little, please consider helping with this post-disaster relief work.
$9 will buy a mosquito net
$10 will buy a box of water purification tablets
$8 will buy insect repellant
$12.50 will buy diabetic supplies for blood sugar testing (1 box)
$15 will buy a solar-powered lantern
Donations can be given via cash or check (boxes are located in the Library, Community Formation, the ESJ School, and perhaps other places) OR at the table in the Student Center between 11am – 1pm. Donations can also be submitted via credit card through Text-to-Give (859-279-4828), a service that will deposit your gift directly into an Asbury fund allocated for help and relief projects.
We are also sending a list of people to the seminary who are committing to pray for the rebuilding of the community. If you would like to put your name on the list, please respond to this email.
How will you help? Through giving, through prayer?
Let’s come together this Thanksgiving and #AttemptSomethingBig!!