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New and Improved Quick-Start Breakfast at Asbury Inn

Asbury Inn & Suites is proud to announce our new and improved Quick-Start Breakfast. Served seven days a week starting at 6:30am, our breakfast now features scrambled eggs and sausage, complete with appropriate toppings including shredded cheese, salsa, ketchup and hot sauce. Additionally, be sure to check-out our expanded toppings for waffles and pancakes, including chocolate chips, strawberry topping, and Nutella™. We will also soon be serving on real china, complete with cloth napkins and rolled silverware. Asbury Inn & Suites’ Quick-Start breakfast also includes cereal, granola, bagels, muffins, English muffins, toast, oatmeal, grits, yogurt, milk, fruit juices, and Almond milk.

Breakfast is always complimentary for overnight guests at the Inn, but students living in the dorms (this is not available to students in married housing) may use their weekly meal swipes for breakfast. All others may pay $4.00+tax at the front desk. Look for our breakfast punch-card (buy 10 get one free) coming soon!

For questions, please e-mail, call 859.858.2156 or stop by the front desk 24/7.