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Louisiana UM Conference Visit – March 13

Did you know that the first Methodist circuit riders made their way into Louisiana before it even became a state? The first Methodist society was established in 1806. Since then, the conference has gone through a number of changes, divisions, and mergers. Through it all, the faithful of Louisiana have never lost sight of their mission to make disciples of Christ. Through missions, ministries, and people, the Louisiana Conference continues to serve and share the Gospel message to fulfill the Great Commission.

ATS Alumnus Rev. Ben McGehee will be on the Wilmore campus Tuesday, March 13, to meet with students and share more about mission opportunities in Louisiana. He is also hosting a dinner at Bella Notte for fellowship with Louisiana students and others interested in learning more about the conference. Click HERE to sign up for a one-on-one conversation with Pastor Ben. If you are interested in joining the dinner, please click HERE to send your RSVP.