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Kingdom Conference Cooking Challenge

The spices! The smells! The delicious taste of dishes from all over the world. Unfortunately, this year we will not get to commune together and eat delicious international food made by many in our community during our beloved Kingdom Conference.
However, our team at the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism has thought of a fun way to still learn about beautiful international dishes that you love to make.
So, join the challenge! Cook your favorite international dish and then follow the directions below. A winner will receive a gift card to one of our local Wilmore stores.
-Take a picture of the food you prepared
-Follow our new ESJ Instagram page at asbury_seminary_e.stanleyjones
-Post the picture on your Instagram or Facebook page with the hashtag #atsESJ #KCSP21
-In the description box, share the name of the dish, country it is from, and why it is your favorite dish
The challenge runs until March 5.