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Join Asbury Seminary Weight Watchers!

Join Asbury Seminary Weight Watchers!
Due to COVID-19, we will no longer have in-person meetings. You will be able to choose digital only (was called eTools) or digital plus virtual meetings. With the virtual meetings you can go to as many meetings as you want to and they are all over the world!
All Seminary students, staff and faculty are eligible for at least a half scholarships if needed.

If you sign up between now and February 28, 2021, you are eligible for a free starter kit which includes:

  • myWW Program Cookbook

  • Stainless steel water bottle

  • Inspirational mantra flipboard

  • Silicone fork & spoon set

  • Cutting board

  • Grocery tote

  • Oven mitt

Learn more about the Unstoppable Kit! For questions and sign-ups, email