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January Thrive with Asbury Seminary Podcast Episodes

On January 14, we talked to Randy Hardman, Asbury Seminary alum and owner of Drinklings Coffee and Mugs in Wilmore, about all things coffee, how Drinklings got started, how they are leveraging their place in the community to do good and how we can do the same.

On January 21, we talked to Deanna Spangler, Asbury Seminary alum and author of Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade, about her story of redemption, wholeness and the freedom she has found in Christ.

On January 28, we talked with three guests, Dr. Mark Yarhouse, Professor and Chair of Wheaton’s School of Psychology; Dr. Janet Dean, Associate Professor at Asbury University; and Dr. Steve Stratton, Professor of Counseling and Pastoral Care at Asbury Seminary. For more than a decade, this group has researched the experience of sexual minorities at faith-based colleges and universities, exploring the intersection of faith and sexuality. Their research led them to publish a book Listening to Sexual Minorities. In this conversation, we’ll learn more about their research, their findings, and ways that we can engage the culture with intentionality, civility and mature love.

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