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Human Resources Renamed to Employee Services

Asbury Seminary is pleased to announce that it is officially renaming its Human Resources (HR) department to Employee Services to more accurately reference the department that cares for all manner of “human resources”, “people operations”, and “human relations” functions. This change is a direct result of the work the Seminary community has accomplished through the Best Christian Workplaces initiative. This is also in part to dissociate from certain connotations of the term “Human Resources” which do not wholly reflect the values and vision of Asbury Seminary.

Instead, the Seminary is seeking a more accurate and honoring terminology to reflect that employees are not considered as “resources”, but rather as valuable partners in and contributors to the mission and work of the Seminary. The department desires to serve employees well in all their needs as faithful co-laborers. Thus, in accordance with input from the community, the title Employee Services was chosen to emphasize this focus.

Therefore, effective immediately, the director of this department will be the Director of Employee Services, and the department itself will be officially known as Employee Services. Several physical upgrades have been made to the office, including painting throughout, new ceiling tiles, improved lighting, and a new glass door entrance. Lastly, new carpeting will be coming this summer. The department is excited about how these physical changes reflect the department’s overall transformation. Employee Services invites anyone to visit their office to see the changes, and they plan to have an official open house later in the year.