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Grants Available for CS637: Rural Community and Moral Concerns

Sign up for CS637: Rural Community and Moral Concerns, August 1-8, 2019. A grant covering books, travel expenses, and most food expenses is automatically applied to each student who registers for the course. Space is limited to 12 persons.

The class will travel to various rural sites in Kentucky and Ohio.

Course Description

Though the U.S. population has urbanized over the past century, substantial portions remain in rural areas. Many seminary students will take positions in such settings upon graduation. To properly serve, students should gain knowledge about the economic and social structure of rural communities. Introduces students to appropriate secular literature and resources, and provides Christian models for responding to various moral problems and conflicts. Particular ethical foci for the course are the cultural interpretations of n/Nature, land, work, stewardship, and Christian service. Costs include tuition and travel.